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FOX News
Aug 3, 2013 4:00pm PDT
's happening in the part of the world where america and our allies are often hated. tonight we know more about what could lie ahead as changes are being made to protect our own. >>> also an appeal to stop the early release of 10,000 prisoners denied. one state is forced to let the inmates go free because of overcrowding. fox report, the number one concern now is publicovercrowdi. fox reports the number one concern now is public safety. and, coming to america from spain, the great bull run. you don't have to head overseas for this adrenaline rush. >>> america on high alert as the sun rises on a sunday on the other side of the world. several of our conflicts and embassies, the face of america in a foreign country will remain concerned about a threat that is real. in countries like yemen, jordan and egypt. beefing up additional security with troops and check points in the hopes of deterring any attacks. all told more than 2,000 embassies will remain closed as of today, sunday, in that part of the world. the state department also issuing a global travel alert to any american traveling overseas, wa
FOX News
Aug 4, 2013 4:00pm PDT
america. texas. that truck now a burned out shell, the driver dead, investigators saying he was heading west in grand prairie, a dallas suburb, when his big rig slammed through a guardrail, landed on the turnpike below, the crash shutting the highway for hours both directions. no one else was hurt. >>> pennsylvania. two boys in danville credited with saving their dad's life. he had a seizure and collapsed on the family vacation. six-year-old marky called for help. >> i told mommy, daddy isn't normal. >> the three-year-old sprung into action. help arrived to take dad to the hospital who has several broken bones. no word what caused his seizure, he is awaiting test results. meantime, he is just proud of his kids. >> very nice. >>> wisconsin, happy national mustard day. people heading to national mustard museum in middleton to celebrate the taste of the yellow topping. >> so many varieties, flavors, textures. >> 4,000 hot dogs served with mustard from all over the world. more than 450 different kinds showcased. >> goes back a long way, unlike ketchup, mustard has character, class, flavor a
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2